Behind The Name

Reynah Armure stems from a cultural blend between French and Spanish. Reynah represents queen in Spanish. A wordplay that incorporates the word Rey meaning king. It is a juxtaposition of masculine vs feminine; hard vs soft; delicate vs edgy; and modern vs ethnic. Reynah represents our similarities and defies global and conventional boundaries. Whereas, Armure, the french word for shield is her jewelry and her freedom in expressing her personal style.


" she's bold and enjoys making a statement with ahead of the curve accessories. She reigns like a queen, her Armure is her jewelry"

Reynah Armure

Who is Reynah Armure?

Reynah Armure is a daring, eccentric, playful, bold, minimal & timeless 

brand of handcrafted jewelry. 

Reynah Armure is a cultural blend from our Canadian background using the french term Armure to represent her shield and the way she represents herself. 

Reynah Armure is a wild yet strong force to reckon with. 

Reynah Armure is the epitome of a queen, drawing on the Spanish roots of where the line began & of the spanish word meaning, Queen. Reynah is eccentric, unafraid to make decisions and determine her own style. 

Reynah can be playful, daring or strikingly minimal.

Reynah is you and your own individuality.

She reigns like a Queen & 

Dares the world with her Armure

Reynah Armure is an everyday modern beauty 

Classic and Timeless