We ensure that all of our pieces are made with quality and care. To lengthen the life of your piece, store jewelry separately in its original packaging or in a velvet pouch to avoid scratches. To avoid discoloration, jewelry should always be put on last and taken off first. Jewelry should not be worn while bathing or playing sports. Contact with harsh chemicals such as perfume, hair products, soaps and body lotions should be avoided. To avoid damages, scratches, and/or chips in jewelry, avoid hard contact with other objects.


"Love your piece"


Here at Reynah Armure,  we are jewelry enthusiasts and want you to enjoy your piece for as long as possible. Here are a few tips to lengthen the life of your piece:

- Store your piece in an airtight bag *One is provided with your purchase.

- Use a sunshine cleaning cloth ( you can add this to your purchase by going to cleaning solutions ) or clean with a clean dry soft cloth,preferably designed to clean jewelry, over a soft surface.

- Clean gently to remove any oxidation that may have occurred.Try doing this with each wear to significantly reduce oxidation between wears.

Note: it is important to use great care as any damages that may occur from mishandling will not be the responsibility of Reynah Armure.

- Do not use any harsh abrasive cleaners or emerge in water at any time.

- Store your piece separately.

- Most importantly love and enjoy you piece!

For more complex cleaning such as shining of brass, re dipping of plated materials,etc, please contact us at