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Savoury Tea Bundle

Savoury Tea Bundle

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Our Spice and Savoury Tea Collection are the perfect curated collection of loose leaf teas blended to help stimulate the digestive and increase water intake.  

Our Savoury tea collection comes with the following teas in 4 oz packets

Detox - Ginger, lemongrass, hibiscus this tea is a great digestive aid as well as anti inflammatory tea. 

Boost - Our Turmeric Chai Tea is great for cold season or just boosting your overall immune system. The spices and herbs blended in this tea are fantastic for clearing up congestion which makes it a go to! 

Body FX spicy  - Cayenne, Lemon and Green Tea this body fx tea is great for stimulating the digestive track and can work as a great diuretic to aid with water weight loss. Great for clearing any constipation as well. 

Add on the Modern Clear Mug to this set available only for a limited time. 

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