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The Ivory Coast Cleansing Starter Kit Ujimaa Plus

The Ivory Coast Cleansing Starter Kit Ujimaa Plus

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This kit is the perfect starter kit to achieve clear skin while trying out our popular Ivory Coast Cleanser. The Ivory Coast cleanser is a fantastic face and body wash that was made in West Africa using Plantain Potash, Shea, Coconut & many other detoxifying ingredients.

Historically African Black Soap is great for clarifying and detoxifying the skin, removing clogged pores, tightening pores and renewing skin to even out uneven skin tone or marks.

However if you are new to African Black Soap, the tightening effects may be a little to intense which is why we created our Ivory Coast Cleanser, which is formulated to be gentler cleanser boosting with hydrating oils like Avocado & Pumpkin Seed Oil. 

This starter kit has everything you need to start clarifying your skin - face & body while maintaining moisture. 

This kit includes

- 80 ml Ivory Coast Face Wash

- 28 g Ivory Coast Original Black Soap Bar

- 5g Cedar Tree Blend Face Mask  

See below for  the Rejuvenate Mask Recipe

- 5 ml Rejuvenate Serum 

- 3 ml Clarity Face Toner 

- Honey Tobacco Fragrance

- Chocolate Chai Lip Balm 

Rejuvenate Face Mask Recipe 

Mix 1 tsp of powder, 1 tsp of honey, 1/2 tsp of water - mix all together until it is a consistent paste 

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