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Beautify Body Scrub

Beautify Body Scrub

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Our Beautify Body Scrub is one of our top selling body scrubs and probably one of the sweetest scrubs you could ever use. Our body scrub is formulated with essential oils like grapefruit extract, rosehip seed oil, papaya seed extract, and coconut oil. Its scented sweet and citrusy and has add benefits like anti inflammatory and anti bacterial products from honey which is added to the product.

It is the perfect scrub for getting rid of trapped hair follicles that can cause  the look of "strawberry pores" or body acne. It also give your skin an excellent glow as it is complemented with fatty acids and is vitamin rich. Our Beautify Scrub has the perfect balance of pink himalayan sea salt and cane sugar to give you the perfect exfoliation that is gentle but efficient on the body. 

Keep water away from this product as it can alter the longevity and integrity of it. This is a natural product that does not contain any harmful preservatives. 

A wooden reusable spoon is provided with this product*. We suggest using 3-4 scoops while body is moist in the shower, use more as needed. For a deeper exfoliation feel free to exfoliate on damp skin and then rinse off. 

How many times to use will depend on each own's skin type and needs. For sensitive skin we recommend 1- 2 times a week, 2-3 for more complex skin type and 3-4 for very oily clogged skin. 

Always do a patch test and discontinue use if the product causes any skin irritation. 

*wooden spoons are while supplies last

4 oz 

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