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The Just Us Babes Escape Box

The Just Us Babes Escape Box

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Grab your Bestie and this Escape Box! Plan a fun sleepover with everything you need to have a fun filled, laugh filled and perhaps even a tear or two filled evening. This Escape Box gets you started with a bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut, 2 champagne flutes for a toast. Set the mood with our Veuve Champagne and Strawberries Candle and Set the playlist to the Armure & Co. Just us Babes Playlist included. Do a facial with our Signature Glow French Clay Mask. Be sure to grab a cute selfie with the mask on! Use are expandable and reusable face loofahs to gently exfoliate and rinse off the mask. Hydrate your face with our Best Selling Youth Dew Serum, one for each of you!  Enjoy hydration with our Famous Body Decadence filled with tropical notes, you will think you have gone to tropical heaven! Don’t forget about hydrating those lips with our Pop the Champagne Flavoured Lip Balm and When in Tulum Lip Balms. Indulge in your playful side with our bubble wands while ordering some takeout from our favourite Local Restaurants, recommendations included. When it’s time to wind down and relax, choose a flick from one of our Top 10 Movies from funny chick flicks to classic dramas! Munch on some of The Armure & Co. Curated Sweets and Eatable’s Pop the Champagne and Pop the Tequila and Salt Popcorn. 

Included in the box - Overview

- Moet Imperial Brut Champagne 375 ml

- 2 x Glass Champagne Flutes 

- Veuve Candle

- 2 x 5g Glow Face Mask (French Pink Clay) 

- 2 x 3 ml Youth Dew (you and your bestie will die over this liquid gold squalane, marula and 24k gold serum) 

- 2 x 15 ml Body Decadence (great for hydration and uplifting moods) 

- Pop the Champagne and When in Tulum Lip balms (two lip balms one for each of you to enjoy) 

- 2 x bubble wands 

- 3 Dinner Recommendations for Takeout 

- Access to our upbeat Just Us Babes Playlist with Spotify 

(We recommend having the Spotify app for a seamless process and an account to avoid ads) 

- Armure & Co. Top 10 Netflix Recommendations for best chick flicks! How many movies will you two be able to make it through?  

- 2 Armure & Co. Curated treats for the Movie

- 2 bags of 50 g Popcorn Bags by Eatable - 1 will be Pop the Tequila and Salt and the other will be Pop the Champagne

NEW! Enjoy this box virtually, have two separate boxes one for each of you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home! Select the Just Us Babes Split option to get a second bottle of Moet and the Select GTA courier to have the box delivered to you and your bestie’s doorstep! 



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